It is very very important, do or die, at least try to protect ten people around you, in all angles; emotionally, healthily, orphanage, old age home, whatever it is…

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It is s very very important, do or die, at least try to protect ten people around you, in all angles; emotionally, healthily, orphanage, old age home, whatever it is. Create a love cycle. A love circle…it helps. In a good Karma Sadhanta, karmically it helps to us and it helps to you, and it helps to your family.

I know you, and you are busy…but, help them. The globe is starving. Millions, of millions, of millions of people is a starving for the help.
Sri Kaleshwar

Adopt a Village Project

In January 2008, Sri Kaleshwar, the chairman of SSGT, took a bold step by adopting 100 villages within the local district of Ananatapur. These villages lack basic humanitarian and sustainable infrastructure such as water, roads, sanitation and electricity to live and work. It is the goal of SSGT and its chairman to lead the way of rural development and social standards. By taking steps like this, many villages will now have the basic needs to grow and develop its communities and economic growth.

Local Roads & Economic Rejuvenation

In January 2008, Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT donated $250,000 (one crore rupees) for the development of Penukonda municipality, affecting 18 sections of Penukonda Village. Cement roads were constructed.

In addition $70,000 (30 lakhs) has been reserved for development of a “Model Market”, which would infuse into older, rundown areas of the district. This work would provide badly needed sanitation and drainage facilities for the town. Sri Kaleshwar has also committed to constructing a Community Marriage Hall, which will be particularly useful for the poor people.

National Highway Development

View from Penukonda mountain
View from Penukonda mountain
Donating street lights
Donating street lights

On May 9th, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar, chairman of SSGT committed financial assistance to the local government for constructing a road into Penukonda as a local extension from National Highway No. 7. The estimated cost is nearly $545,000 (2.19 Crores of Rupees). The road will be constructed from the top of Penukonda mountain, and will include a bridge connecting the mountain lake located on top of the mountain. Once constructed, the road will have 19 turning points till the foot of the mountain, where it will connect and join National Highway No. 7.

Street Lights for Roads

In March 2007, 42 villages received infrastructure development of lighting units by SSGT for use and assistance in building their villages. All of these locations are so poor and undeveloped that basic and essential sections of infrastructure have never been implemented.

Support & Development with Local Government

The philosopy of SSGT is to work closely with and support a standard of cooperation with local and state governments. With the support of these municipalities, unity and cooperation of private charitable trusts and government officials, most of these projects are longer term successes. Working with many Sarpanchas (local district representatives), Sri Kaleshwar and SSGT have donated thousands of dollars to government sponsored projects and developments.

On April 17th, 2008, Sri Kaleshwar invited the leaders of 100 villages to Siva Sai Mandir to give their applications regarding the problems they are facing in their villages, specifically drinking water facilities. By April 27th a new set of bore wells was completed.

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