A Miracle of Healing
by C.R.

In 2003 I had a kidney infection which became septic. I was rushed to the hospital and placed in an intensive care unit. For several days, they attempted to find the correct antibiotic but after all the tests, they were not able to find any medication that would work. When the nurses in intensive care told my husband that the chances of my survival were extremely slim without the proper antibiotic, he faxed the ashram to let Swami know about my condition, asking for help.

Within a few hours, I had a sublime vision. I saw myself in the center of many concentric circles. Swami was in the circle closest to me, and others who were praying for me, were in the remaining circles as they spread out around me. As this vision flowed through me, I felt an overwhelming divine love in every cell of my being. The sensation of pure peace was so strong and clear that tears streamed down my face. I knew that everything would somehow be fine. A few hours later, they found the right antibiotic and within a few days, I was released from intensive care and on my way to recovery.

As a healer I have thought back many times to this vision. I owe my life to Swami Kaleshwar. He gave me a great gift of healing love and my greatest prayer is that I may pay him back by remembering and ‘being’ this healing love with all my clients. With Swami and Baba’s grace may it be so.

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