In a Garden
by S.S.

Last year, I journeyed to Laytonville to participate in the Surya Nadi process. It was my first experience with Swami Kaleshwar and his teachings. I loved being in Laytonville and connecting to the beauty of that place. Little did I know that within a year, I would be transformed in major ways and also return to my own roots, connecting back to plants and joyful service.

The teachings and very deep experiences originating in Laytonville led me to a community garden connected to an organization that provides food boxes and hot meals for anyone in need. The garden had been untended for many weeks and in the hot New Mexico sun, many plants died. Others were in extreme stress. Weeds were growing everywhere.

My work in the garden began by weeding, feeding, watering and mulching plants. Daily love and thanks are also sent to each plant including appreciation for their endurance. I apologized to the plants that had died as I pulled them out of the garden. After the first week, I started to say mantras. Now as I go about my various tasks I also spray Surya Nadi water around the property and on the plants. I sing, play the flute, talk to, and touch the plants and trees. I tell them that their produce goes to feed the hungry. Some tomatoes have flowered and produced fruit. Some broccoli, mustard greens and peppers have also revived and have been harvested.

Recently, I also saw dragonflies, bumble bees and honey bees. A lizard ran out from underneath a large cabbage leaf. Sometimes small birds sit in nearby trees and sing as I work. In the last three weeks, the garden has become more alive. It looks and feels better than before. Some community residents are stopping to look at the plants. Clients ask about what is starting to grow.

I know this is the Mother’s garden and that I am one of her helpers. It is a joyous and wonderful experience. My deep thanks to Shirdi Sai Baba, Swami Kaleshwar and all the students I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from.

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