Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

Enlightenment Is More than Just Meditating

Just meditating, getting the visions, being in a trance, that’s not enlightenment. It’s like a rock. You have to make a sculpture of what you really want on the rock. How you are really skillful at sculpting is important. Then your life is pretty good done.

Enlightenment is Helping Someone’s Soul

Simply sitting under the tree enjoying the energy, seeing huge light, feeling your body like a feather, like a leaf, that’s not enlightenment. The enlightenment is when you are helping someone’s soul. When you’re healing somebody’s soul and it is working, that is 100% enlightenment.

What Is the Purpose of Your Enlightenment?

Turn your life to be a holy healer, a soul healer. Otherwise what is the purpose of your enlightenment? What was the reason Jesus helped all those people? What was the reason Buddha meditated and meditated? His soul completely healed millions of people; his soul was prepared like that. To everyone praying to him, he sent his energy. When you are in the body try to do that practice. Then when you leave from your body, whoever thinks on you, completely your soul energy comes to help to them.

Pure Love is an Enlightenment Stage

Experiencing pure love, pure ‘attachment’ (affection) and living there and enjoying that, that’s a heaven. That’s called, in one level, an enlightenment stage.

An Enlightened Person Shares Huge Love

A person who really has the full enlightenment, any big soul or holy man, it means their soul capacity, their light, is huge. It’s like equal to a 200 voltage bulb, a 1,000 voltage bulb, a 5,000 voltage bulb. How they charge that bulb is nothing but they’re sucking the highest energy and sharing huge love. They’re hooking their huge love with thousands of people. Just huge love. Some people with huge love, all the people are attracted to his or her big smiling face. Because their heart is completely open with huge love, hooking. Only holy persons are the powerful souls in this universe.

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