Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

You Need to Come Out From Illusion

Spirituality is like the chicken in the egg. Your body is like the egg. The illusions are like the shell. You need to come out. To come out means, you need to create your own mechanism of the energy system.

The Spiritual Path Is a Joyful Path

The spiritual path is the best path in the world—a peaceful path, one level. Not 100%. But one level the spiritual path is really such a happy and joyful path. Even the kings and the emperors, after they enjoyed their life, finally hooked the spiritual path. If you hook before that, if your hands, your legs, your mind, your health, everything is in your control, then you can really enjoy the spiritual life.

Spirituality Is Not Easy

Spirituality, it’s not that easy, guys. It’s not at all easy and democratic. At the same time, it’s easy. But it’s a noble job. It grinds you. After that, it’s an unbelievable fragrance. You have no idea.

Receiving Love Means You’re Receiving God’s Blessing

God means simply love. How much love you receive from the people—that means you’re receiving God’s blessing. That’s the fundamental law. Through spirituality, that’s a big way you can receive huge love from the people. You’re waking up their souls.

Your Heart is Your Religion

In comparison with all religions, the true religion is your heart religion. Your own heart is your own religion. That is so, so important. That’s why I always say, “Follow your heart, follow your heart.”

Problems are Natural in Life

Whoever comes in a human body on this planet comes with problems. You cannot see any soul, any person, without problems and without difficulties. Even if he is a king with wealth, wife and children, beautiful people, beautiful soldiers and beautiful slaves, God is giving some difficulty in his mind to think on. No matter whether it’s small or big, it does not matter. I also have difficulties. Even Baba gives difficulties to me. I have difficulties too.

There’s No Exit Out of Spirituality

There’s only exit in; there’s no exit out. Once you come with a pure heart, everything will be totally fine. Even if you come with pure heart, some little testing will come around you. It’s fine. It won’t stand. They’re like clouds in front of the sun. It’s not permanent. It’s also a kind of illusion.

Your Life is a Bible

Try to give every hour, every day, as much as you can. I’m talking pure spirituality. Compared with the millions and millions of souls in God’s creation—the birds, animals, whatever it is—all the souls that have a human body on this planet are really so lucky. Try to make use of it as much as you can. Your life is a big book, a Bible. Your life is a Bible. It’s your soul Bible saying how you really enjoyed the God energy.

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