The Master
Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

Take One Step to the Master

You have to walk one step to the master with a pure heart. Then the master walks nine steps to you.

The Master Has to Shake You to Prepare You

Your master is your sweet helping man at the same time confusing master. To be honest it is good for you. It’s really good for you when the nature is really shaking you. First I am shaking you. Then I am sending you. Then you can stand there. Any master in the universe with their masters they did it the same way 100%. They went through the same door. Period.

Winning the Master’s Heart

To win the master’s heart is almost like winning Mother Divine. I can consider it like that in my life. It’s not at all that easy. But I’m pretty open hearted to everybody so you don’t need to convince me, to butter on me and doing things for me. Just do your disciplined work then everything will be possible, it will happen.

The Bond Between the Master and Student

The relationship between the master and the student is an amazing bond. Nobody can separate it. The master always tries to shake you. The master is like a monkey. To be honest, absolutely he’s a learned and skilled monkey. You’re a natural monkey; he’s a learned, skilled monkey. You’re a baby to him. Did you ever see the mother monkey running and jumping with the baby? It never cares if the baby is there or not. The baby’s security is just holding onto the mother very strongly himself.

A Master Finds Your True Desire

The master is the one who is perfectly finding your (soul’s) desire. The master also needs some capabilities to make his students happy. In my life, thousands of people come but each one who comes I filter. Then I will see who are really good devotional people. Then again I start to filter. Then again I will see. Again I start to filter. Then who really stands there, then I will see deeply in their hearts what is each person’s desire, ‘Who is this crazy guy? Why did he come to me? Why is he catching me like such a crazy monkey?’ Then I will check deeply. Then I will start his soul fire. ‘Okay, I will do my best for you.’ Then I start to work, then I can fix it.

The Real Master Is in You

Who can you believe? You have to believe only in yourself. The real master is always living in you. You have to recognize that is the one truth. The real master is always living in you. The right person is in your heart, the inner judge.

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