An Ancient Knowledge System Taught by Sri Kaleshwar

Click to learn more about the Datta-Kriya transcript
Click to learn more about the Datta-Kriya transcript

The universe was created by Mother Divine. Everything is under the control of Mahamaya (the Mother). It is Her play. She works through the Nature as the illusions, Her Mahamaya. According to the ancient knowledge, there is only one expert to handle Her illusions: Dattatreya—the three aspects of GOD—Generator, Operator, Destroyer—Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva—merged into one. He knows exactly how to walk out from Her illusions. Datta Kriya supports us in becoming such an expert ourselves.

Sri Kaleshwar says:

Spirituality means to know about yourself, who you are, where you came from, what is the purpose of your being born on this planet, and the next life. What are all these illusions? What is life and death?

The real bliss is how much you love yourself. When you start to love yourself, you can love somebody else.

Whatever is coming in front of you, accept it. Accepting. Whenever you start in the Datta Kriya Process, the illusions of Krishna, the Operator cannot touch you that easily.

When you are having a lot of heart pain. Just make a deal with Him, make a contract with him. “If you really take this away, I’m going to give this.” Then you see the results. That is Datta Kriya.

Never ever think negatively on somebody. Whenever you start negative thinking on somebody, then people will start thinking negatively on you. It’s a Nature law. It’s very important. This is Datta Kriya.

Take the love weapon, take the love weapon. Done. You will win it. You will win it. All these things are Datta Kriya.

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