Mother Divine
Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar

The Mother is Universal

Mother is mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal God/Goddess. Period.

Everything Came From the Mother

The Mother is the top, top supernatural character on this planet. Everything came from Her—the bad and the good. I am not saying it in a blaming way, but one part is true, is fact—She created the tiger, She created the lamb.

My Desire is to Connect Everyone to the Mother

My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother. The one goal is to connect to Mother Divine, to have the desire to hook Her. Once you enter into your Mother’s home, She will take care of you and give you what you really want. Then you can demand whatever delicious food you want to eat from Her. If She has the patience She’ll cook it for you; otherwise She will cook you. Just enter into the house then She will take care.

Seeing Mother Divine with Your Physical Eyes

To see Mother Divine, your eyes have to be open. One hundred percent you have to see Her with your physical eyes. That’s the most important. If you’re not seeing Her with your physical eyes, you’re self-hypnotized. I don’t agree with that. I’m not that kind of teacher in your life. ‘Swami, I’m meditating, I’m seeing beautiful visions,’ that’s good, it’s fine, it’s okay, but I’m not talking about seeing Mother Divine as a vision. You have to see Her with your two eyes open.

Seeing Mother Divine Means You’ve Reached the Top Rank

There is one golden statement to every person in the universe. If you’re born as a human body, even though you’re connecting to a lot of (supernatural) things, advices from Master, but if you’ve seen Mother Divine then you’ve reached the top rank. From there, to develop your abilities it’s in your hands. Even though you’re developing your abilities, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that Mother Divine leaves you, “Okay, do whatever you want.” She will hold you. Why She holds means…after She’s holding and holding, then if She drops you your life is like a beautiful message on this planet. 100%.

Darshan of Mahakali

(Once you’ve seen Mahakali) you can command, you can wash out anyone’s negativity and you can heal any person in the universe. Her energy is the peak top point, the top system in the universe. If you hook Her, Her energy purifies you. When you’re walking in the garden even the air you breathe in and breathe out is purified. No more negative spirits come around there—to be honest, no chance at all. Especially with that vibration, that energy, no chance. That power is hidden there. The most creating form of Mother Divine means Mahakali.

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