Be a Symbol of Love

by Sri Kaleshwar

Complete article in PDF - click to download
Complete article in PDF – click to download

Sri Kaleshwar, one of India’s most beloved saints, is writing a book on Jesus’ life in India. At Sri Kaleshwar’s ashram, he teaches the same spiritual practices to his students that Jesus learned from the saints in India. In addition to teaching, Sri Kaleshwar heads up many charitable activities in India.

Jesus is the man of huge love. That love is incredible. When he was dying he had incredible powers in his hands. He could do wonders but he never used his powers for himself. He was always thinking of others, “How can I help him? What can I help him with?” He never cursed anybody from his mouth, even if somebody was screaming on him, just simply his answer was––smiling. Simply loving them, simply accepting whatever energy they were throwing on him. Jesus never used his power for selfishness. Simply his heart was open and smiling and accepting. That is why he became the highest, most powerful master in the universe. No master sacrificed and surrendered the way Jesus did.

The bottom line that Jesus taught––try to help the people around you be happy as much as you can. Give food. Cook for the heartbroken. You don’t need to be a miraculous guy to do miracles. How many blind people did Jesus heal? He understood the mechanism but then he stepped back again to true love. What we need is to understand true love and having a forgiving nature.

You have to be a complete symbol of love. Intentionally or unintentionally, don’t hurt your partners, your friends, your business partner, your master, any bird, or any animal, because you’ll be responsible for that pain. Even if you’re super angry, tell it in a smooth way. If you’re really frustrated because somebody cheated you, ok. Tell it in a smooth way. Forgive them and walk out. If you don’t want to see their face, ok, just walk out. Don’t give them a punch back. Don’t go that way.

You don’t have any right to hurt your partner, even if she did a mistake or she hurt you. You’re not each other’s slaves. You’re good friends. If she likes you, good. If she’s doing mistakes, just tell her, “Please, adjust like this. I like this way.” If she listens to you following you, good. If she doesn’t listen, no need to argue. Try to see when she’s in a good mood then try to explain. Don’t fight and unnecessarily hurt her then she’s crying and you’re crying and you’re feeling hurt.

Don’t create pain in anyone’s life. That’s a super danger. If you make a person heartbroken, believe me, you need to pay with interest ten times in this lifetime, no matter how powerful a master is with you, around you. Even if you’re a super powerful master yourself, you can’t heal it. Become a simple person––a symbol of love––just helping, helping, helping.

Even if you’re super busy, I recommend every Saturday or Sunday that everyone go to any old-age home, any hospital, and spend one to two hours. Do some social service to those who really need help. A minimum of at least ten to fifteen people per month you have to lift. Do some voluntary service. Go and spend some time with them. There are a lot of patients in the hospitals, please go and take care of them. Bring some fruits, some bread, take some clothes and give it to them. When they become used to seeing you, after you visited two or three weeks, then in the fourth week that patient is waiting for you, “Hey! When are you coming?” They’re very happy. They’re really looking forward to you bringing some flowers, some fruits. They feel so touched. That you need. That’s needed.

If you have $100 with you, spend $5 to $10 for food. It’s good to take care. If you really take care of a hungry person, if you feed him, definitely his heart feels, “Thank you. God bless you.” You need that. A person with a wounded heart, you don’t need to do anything, just simply sit and listen to what he’s saying. I know you’re tired, exhausted, but just listen. Let him cry whatever he wants to cry. Just listen. Share it. If you care, you have to share. That’s a great blessing for him.

So the bottom line––try to have a super helpful nature. Whenever a person really needs your help, your presence has to be there. You have good heart. You have to implement that at the right time. That develops. That helps. That was Jesus’ message.

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