Qualities Necessary for Spirituality
Golden Statements of Sri Kaleshwar


Once you surrender to God and to spiritual practice and your path, never ever go back. Any tradition, any religion, any method, once you’re so impressed there, that’s it, take it, keep moving. Once you enter into spirituality, completely surrender, ‘whatever it is, it is’. Dedicate your life to spirituality until you win, until you reach your achievement. That is the pure dedication.

Faith in Yourself

There are three ways to create faith in yourself. You have to recognize these deeply in your heart. First, you have to make sure what your life aim is. Second, never ever lose inspiration. Third, your soul has to cry to God for love.

An Open Heart to the Master

You can do normal meditation, normal practices, that’s different. If you want to become something great in your life, if you have the strongest desire to take the horse reins, I can give 100% guarantee you’ll never fall down from the horse as long as your heart is open to me and open to Baba. That’s very, very important. Because what happens if you lose your reins going 80 mph speed on the horse? Once you start working with the angels, souls, spirits then suddenly you want to close the book and throw it out. Just imagine what happens?

Live in the Positive

I’m not a judge to judge who’s bad and who’s good. To me everything is always good. I’ll live in positive. I’ll die in positive. That’s my way of life. I always think in a positive way.

Don’t Miss the Chance Because of Your Crazy Mind

If you feel it or not, your journey is running. Do your best. Time is a gold biscuit. It’s a gem. If you miss the moment, the perfect time, that chance, who knows? Fifty percent you can say it’s illusions and fifty percent you can say it’s your own crazy mind’s thoughts and doubts. It really destroys your spirituality. Put it as a golden statement; underline it.

Every Spiritual Practitioner Has Sadness

A healer means, first of all, a heartbroken person. Write it in your dictionary and burn the words into it. Every spiritual practitioner is carrying sadness in their heart but they don’t know what sadness it is. Period. It’s a golden statement. Plus, some sweetness is there. It’s sad and it’s sweet. Every spiritual practitioner around the globe is carrying sadness. Sorry, that is the law of spirituality. But in that sadness is luck. It’s a needle to stitch. That’s the essence to suck the divinity. You don’t need to take it in a bad way. It’s a divine gift to your soul. Then, you can find the joy in that, the bliss, satchitananda.

Adjustable Nature

My message is to completely surrender to God. Completely surrender to God and whatever He is giving in our life. For example, you are walking in the forest. You’re carrying some bread with you. Unfortunately you lost your bread in the forest. You are walking and walking on your journey. You can’t find any food anywhere. Then you are sitting under a tree and you find one damaged fruit. You wash that. You are already hungry. You pick up that fruit and you wash it. Because it’s damaged you think, ‘Oh I don’t want it.’ If you think like that but eat it anyway you are losing. It’s not good. If you think, ‘Okay, today God’s blessing to me is this food. Thank you God for your great testing on me.’ Accept it heartfully, not painfully. It is very important here. Not accepting it uncomfortably but with big love. Having a great adjustable nature; completely adjusting. Then God has no more plans to torture you.

Then whatever thoughts come, come true. That is called sankalpam, sankalpam sankalpam. Like if a boy walking in the street sees a girl, ‘Oh she is so beautiful.’ One time he thinks he wants her. Then he goes away. Then one day that thing is coming true. You understand? The energy is hooking it. On one level his soul has resistance power to get that. If you have a completely adjustable nature, means whatever God is giving you, the God energy completely diverts it from you with the testing energy. Later whatever you are really thinking in your heart comes true. It will happen to you. That’s one type of siddhi—sankalpam siddhi.

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