The Holy Womb Process
An Ancient Knowledge System Taught by Sri Kaleshwar

Click to learn more about the transcript for the Holy Womb Process
Click to learn more about the transcript for the Holy Womb Process

The Holy Womb Process shows us how to make the Womb Chakra powerful. This is relevant and essential for both men and women—for we were all born from a mother’s womb, and each one of us has a Womb Chakra. These teachings show us how to use the creation energy (kama) hidden in the womb chakra in a positive and dynamic way. Through these easy-to-use step-by-step processes, mantras and yantra (sacred drawing), anyone can experience the profound benefits of this ancient healing system.

Sri Kaleshwar says:

The whole Creation is there. A Creation keeps going on in you. You don’t need another Creation. That’s why after Vishvamitra Maharshi lost his energy in a crazy unnecessary way then again he could meditate and manifest Mother Divine. Yes, you can manifest a physical body. You can manifest a Shiva lingam. You can manifest sand to sugar. You can manifest a Shiva lingam from statue. You can produce one power object from another power object. You can do distance healing from here to any person anywhere in the planet to any country, any city, any town and switch their mind. Yes, the channels are there. Possibilities are there. It’s only possible depending on how pure the womb energy you’re carrying is.

How do you need to protect your womb chakra? You got a super crazy disease. A health disease means you disturbed your womb chakra. A snakebite has happened, you need to heal it; just go hit the womb chakra. A person got heartbroken ten times; hit the womb chakra. The Creation chakra, hit it, make it fresh again. Now is it clear? So, the whole the energy is to change the kama energy creation hidden in your womb in a positive way. That’s the process.

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