Teacher’s Pledge of Honor

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Teaching Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge is both an honor and a responsibility. Sri Kaleshwar certifies each teacher in specific areas of knowledge. Once certified, a teacher must sign a Teacher’s Pledge of Honor, which states that they will honor and uphold the ancient tradition of knowledge which came from Sri Kaleshwar, and maintain the purity of the knowledge.

To Sri Kaleshwar and the Shirdi Sai Global Trust

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I have read and agree to the following guidelines for honoring the privilege of being given permission to teach the knowledge given by Sri Kaleshwar:

  1. I agree to honor and uphold the ancient tradition of knowledge which came from Sri Kaleshwar, and which I will be representing as a student and teacher in the lineage of Sri Kaleshwar.
  2. I agree to only use the energy and the knowledge in a pure divine way. I will always be aware that I am just an instrument in God’s Hands.
  3. I agree to maintain in my teaching the purity of Sri Kaleshwar’s knowledge, not mixing it with other traditions, techniques and philosophies, but representing it in his words and spirit whenever I teach.
  4. I agree to acknowledge in each teaching session Sri Kaleshwar’s name as well as his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba, as the Divine Souls from whom this knowledge has come.
  5. I understand that this privilege to teach can be revoked at any time if Sri Kaleshwar or the Shirdi Sai Global Trust feels it’s necessary.
  6. I agree to faithfully and accurately represent the knowledge as taught by Sri Kaleshwar, and consider it my duty to protect and uphold, in all ways legal and moral, this honor of teaching that I am being given by Sri Kaleshwar and his representatives in the Shirdi Sai Global Trust.
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